Chattahoochee Technical College

With the start of the online college registration season many college websites find themselves unprepared for the high rate of online registration and Chattahoochee Technical College is the latest case.

Today is the first day of the registration at Chattahoochee Technical College. However many students find the college website almost unresponsive. This gave thoughts that something extraordinary may be happening on the campus.

There was no update on the college's Twitter account either. The last tweet was from February 18.

Then, just about 7 minutes ago the webmaster of the college shed some light on the situation and tweeted that the "fist day of registration" is to blame on the slowness of the website.

The webmaster also provided a link to the college's Facebook Page for more detailed update. "CTC Webmaster - Today is the first day of registration so you may notice a slow down of the school's site. This is caused by a large number of students accessing BannerWeb and the Class Schedule. Please be patient as this is common for this time of the semester. Thanks everyone."

"I've been trying since before 8 and still nothing," comments back Ashley Altman. Dana Garrison writs that it took her 15 minutes to register for 3 classes.

The issue is common for small colleges and universities prompting the urge to dedicate more web resources to strengthener the capacity of their websites. If online registration is available, many students will prepare this option instead of driving to the college and spending time on waiting lines.

Chattahoochee Technical College is located in Marietta, GA. It serves 13,000+ students across eight campuses within six counties.

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