Google Doodle For Constantin Brancusi

The sculptor, born in 1876, is having his 135th anniversary celebrated by the search engine giant.

Brancusi was one of the founding figures of modern sculpture and he is credited with being one of the most original 20th century artists.

His works, particularly carvings, brought abstractism and primivitism into the medium of sculpture for the first time.

Brancusi's pieces were considered to be as important as Pablo Picasso's to the development of the modern art era.

The sculptor was born in Romania and he studied in Bucharest before moving to Paris in 1904.

He spent more than 50 years in the French capital and, in the mid 1920s, he set up a studio in which to produce his work.

Today's Google Doodle showcases some of Brancusi's numerous creations. They reflect all variety of materials he used in his sculptures, illustrating works in stone, bronze and wood – all spelling out Google.

Brancusi's Promethues Bound, Sleeping Muse, Mademoiselle Pogany, Bird in Space and The Kiss are all included in the Doodle.

Over the past two weeks, Google has unveiled no fewer than five of its Doodles.

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