Lowest FHA Mortgage Rates

Over the last several years many Americans have looked to save money by locking into today’s lowest FHA mortgage rates. It is very important to understand that FHA mortgage rates are very close to all-time lows but it is the case that an FHA mortgage comes with insurance obligations. Some of the largest mortgage lenders in the country that are offering low FHA rates include Bank of America and Countrywide as well as Wachovia and Wells Fargo.

It is important to note that Wells Fargo gobbled up Wachovia during the credit crisis and Bank of America did the same thing with Countrywide. With that being said two of the largest financial institutions in the nation are now Bank of America and Wells Fargo but remember they are not the only options when it comes to locking in low rates.

As we get deeper into 2011 many analysts have predicted that interest rates are likely to move up due to the fact that the 10 year treasury rate yield will increase with an improved economy. The 10 year treasury rate yield and 30 year fixed mortgage have had a very strong correlation since 1971 and this is not likely to change in the near future as the 10 year yield often dictates interest rates.

With this in mind it may be a very wise decision to take advantage of the low interest rates while they are available. But doing research online most will find that there are local, regional and national mortgage lenders that can help when it comes to refinancing home loan.

By accessing the HUD website Americans will better understand what options are available when it comes to reducing costs and fees on a home loan. Remember that these costs and fees can often be negotiated much lower so it is always advisable to understand each and every step of the mortgage refinance process.

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