Hwang Bo-ryung

The fourth album, “Mana Wind,” continues the group’s experiments with the nature
elysian sound of their previous albums. At first listen, it also gives off a dark mood almost like a less powerful version of Evanescence.

The strongest impression I had is that the group has developed its own sound. The first few tracks on the album make Hwang Bo-ryung seem like it will be another one of those tree hugging bands with distinctive chords that sound like cries of nature. The album progresses, it becomes apparent that the band has integrated many different styles into its sound. It tries a little pop, classic, rock and folk music.

But even with all of the sounds the band has included here, the album is not messy, thanks to the somber voice of the main vocalist, Hwang Bo-ryung. Her voice goes well with the album’s pernicious, desiring sounds. This is demonstrated well in the song “Dream Up,” which starts off with mild, repeating guitar chords that create a curious mood one that is further enhanced by the burly voice.

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