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"The Office" already knows, comedy heavyweight Will Ferrell is set to spend four mild episodes with Dunder Mifflin's merry band of misfits.
As a special kind of send-off for star Steve Carell's big departure. When I caught up with Jenna Fischer during the press day for her upoming comedy "Hall Pass," I had to find out what Ferrell's been up to on their set. Fischer said, "He’s doing a good job, Will’s on set now."

When asked how he's doing, Fischer lamented the fact that she didn't yet know because she was here doing press for her movie, and not on set with her "Office" cast.

"I’m here! Will’s there, I’m here. I start work with him later this week," she said. "But, I already talked to Angela, she said it was so much fun. She said that they had a really good time on set today with him."

She said, Fischer went on to say that she's most excited to see Carell and Ferrell in action together. "I think it’s going to be fun," I’m looking forward to sort of being an hearing to that. With esteem to the future of the show, Fischer threw her hat in the ring to campaign for her "Hall Pass" co star Christina Applegate to fill Carell's shoes.

"I would like Christina Applegate to come in! I saw her today and I had an epiphany and I thought it’s Christina! It should be a woman," she said. "A woman in the position of power. And I think she would be perfect. So that’s my campaign."

"Pam’s not going to be the manager," she said. "There was a rumor out there that she was going to be promoted, but I don’t think I’m really dissatisfactory people when I say that’s not in her future."

"I mean she’s a failed sales person. I don’t think she can manage a team of sales people. But, she is going to be taken more seriously by the new management," Fischer teased. "Because they’re not going to know her. They’re going to see her as the office administrator that she is going to be kind of nice for her to get some respect in the office for a change."

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